May 20, 2020 General News

A big 'Thank You' to everyone who has supported the Ashbourne Shire Horse Society and the difficult decision to cancel this year's Ashbourne Show.

The Show is usually the highlight of the year for the Society and it required a great deal of time and commitment in order to stage it successfully.

We have many volunteers that work tirelessly behind the scenes, many without recognition, and without them it would not be possible to run the Society, the Show or any of the other events that the Society holds each year.

Just as important are our Members and Council Members whose input, support and guidance mean that we are able to continue to run the Society each year and the traditions and legacy of many generations can be preserved and passed on.

At times like these it is easy to forget what else the Ashbourne Shire Horse Society was set up to promote and achieve. From the Society's Memorandum, it is:

"a.   To promote improvement in the breeding and rearing of livestock - and particularly the Shire Horse

"b.   The invention and improvement of agricultural and horticultural equipment and the encouragement of skill and industry in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

"c.   In pursuance of such objectives, to hold an annual show and such other events as may be appropriate as a means of bringing together members of the agricultural community and the general public (but not so that there shall be no obligation to hold a show in any year…)."

So whilst Ashbourne Show is at the centre of the Society's annual calendar, and it is sad not to hold it, it is only part of what the Society strives to achieve; preserving the Shire Horse, promoting good husbandry and education are all of equal if not greater significant, and the Show is the way of celebrating these achievements.

So the Show is gone for this year, but it will be back in 2021, as strong as ever, and in the meantime to all those who help the Society to achieve what it does; Volunteer, Member or Council Member, you are all important.

Keep Safe, Keep Well and Thank You.