Goats at The Ashbourne Show

Goats have been shown at Ashbourne since 1960 and over the years the Show has been host to some of the country’s most successful animals. People have travelled from all over the country to attend the show because of its friendly, well run, animal orientated atmosphere and also because it has always retained its “Country Show” feel which is important when you are an exhibitor.

Over the years the format of a goat show has changed very little and exhibitors of yesteryear would still feel very at home with the way we run. Female goats in milk stay overnight as they are in a 24 hour milking competition, you will see us out in the ring at around 6.30 in the morning getting the goats first udder inspection underway, when each of the eight breeds have been inspected by the Judge they are taken inside and a milking competition is undertaken where each goat is milked out and the milk is weighed and sampled by the Stewards. After breakfast we are out in the ring again and the Judge works their way through the 3 categories (of 8 different breeds) of Adult Milker, Goatling and Kid.

When all the red rosettes have been presented the Best and Reserve of each section are invited out to be judged for “Best in Show” the prestigious red, white & blue rosette we all want to take home. The Goats (and the goat keepers!) are a friendly bunch so please take time to walk around our tent and talk to us and the animals, we might even be able to tell you what ”those dangly bits under the chins are”!

Christine & Joanne - Goat Section Stewards

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